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Big Hickory Pass

Big Hickory Pass is a beautiful section of beach including two rock jetties, some ever changing sandbars, and opportunities for magnificent scenery and relative seclusion all day. 

To access the beach closest to the pass, we recommend buying a half million dollar condo on the beach near the point. If that is out of the question for you (because your spare half million is tied up in annuities... or something), your next best bet is to park at Hickory Island North Parking area. If you don't have a Lee County permit they will charge you hourly for the parking. Unless, of course, you cross the street. I'm not sure who the civil engineer was behind this design, but whilst the parking area immediately bordering the beach carries with it a fee, the one 30 yards away across the street is as free as an opinion from a grumpy New Yorker. 

Parking at either area gives you easy access to the beach. Most choose to plop down as near as they can from the car, but for those willing to amble, wonderful sights await. Roughly .75 miles down the beach to the north, there is a small rock jetty that forms the border of the pass. Continuing on, you see another smaller rock jetty, and then, depending on the tidal stage when you are there, you see either a vast expanse of shallow water or a sand bar. In recent years, this sand bar has changed drastically and it continues to do so, with the waves constantly weathering and eroding the unstable sand. At low tide, you can walk another quarter mile back into the pass where you will be see mangroves. Across the pass is an island preserve area, utilized primarily by Pelican Landing for their beach park, shellers, boaters, and people trying to avoid the prying eyes of society. 

A Tip From the Ryan's: If you happen to find yourself on the beach at Big Hickory Pass on the 4th of July, you'll see no less than 5 fireworks displays going on simultaneously. On a clear night, you'll see everything from Sanibel to Naples, and all beach spots in between. Most people take advantage of this time to bring their own fireworks as well, so more than likely you'll have an amateur show going on right over your head. 

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