Difficulty Rating

What's with all of the little Floridas?

Our difficulty rating helps you decide if the activity you are seeking out is right for you. Many things we feature on the website are easy for just about anyone, but the last thing we want to do is convince you to go on a 4 day Chatham River Bend expedition deep into the Everglades if you are ill prepared. 

The ratings below are rough guidelines based on our experiences. Always do proper research and make sure you are necessarily fit and prepared before taking on any strenuous activities. 


   Easy - This activity is for everybody. It is relatively easy to get to, handicap accessible, and has creature comforts like bathrooms or drinking fountains. 
 Not too bad - Most people will have no trouble doing this activity, even if it is your first time. However, know your own limits. This activity may be a bit more than a ride down a lazy river. 
 Moderate - This activity may require some experience or perseverance. It may be difficult to access or find. You will want to have prior experience before attempting this. 
 Challenging -  This is not for everybody. You should have a good amount of experience with this type of activity before attempting this. Precautions should be taken. 
 Experts only - If you've ever been skiing or snowboarding (probably not in Florida), this is equivalent to the double black diamond. These activities are not for the faint of heart, and novices are downright foolish to attempt these. Exercise extreme caution!


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