2014 Racks and Reels Ladyfish Tournament

Written by Ryan S.

I was lucky enough to be asked by my friend Victoria to captain a boat in the 2014 Racks and Reels Ladies Fishing Tournament to benefit the American Cancer Society this past weekend. Normally, planning a fishing trip where you aren't allowed to fish sounds like torture, but there were a few things that made this trip one of the most fun yet:

1.) Victoria planned the whole thing. 

2. ) We didn't have to use my boat. 

3.) The entry fee was paid by Matanzas on the Bay--where Victoria and the rest of the crew worked

4.) It was a ladyfish tournament, and I've never had a problem catching those 

5.) I was on a boat with all ladies.

6.) We caught a crapton of fish, including tons of ladyfish. 

While I was a glorified deck hand on a small boat dealing with one of the messiest fish that swims in our waters (our boat deck after the tournament can prove that), being able to find the bait, find the fish, and do my part to make sure each of the girls had some great stories to tell felt pretty darn good. Being a teacher for a living, it was a fairly natural feeling to want to help others succeed, and succeed we did! We ended up catching a number of small trout, a couple of sharks, a few mackerel, jack crevalle, and more ladyfish than anyone would ever want to catch. The rods were consistently bend all day, and the weather held up beautifully. 

We ended the day in 13th place out of 50 boats, which I'm quite happy with considering there were a number of well known local captains that were also in the tournament. We caught our limit of fish, and could have caught some more, but the seas were only getting rougher as we really got into a school of nonstop action. To wrap it all up--free BBQ! Can't beat it. 



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