Get way off the beaten path and experience a side of Florida that most people will never get to. 


Pine Island Sound Scallop Search


Of the marine bivavle mollusks in Florida, none is a better indicator of water quality than the lowly bay scallop. In the Big Bend Region of Florida where the water quality is better, a sustainable scallop population thrives enough to support a recreational scallop season. In Southwest Florida, however, the declining water quality over the past decades has decimated the once plentiful scallop population. However, scallops are slowly making a comeback. Increased awareness of the fragility of our estuarine ecosystems led by organizations like Florida Sea Grant, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, and the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation has led to a resurgence of this modest, yet really really tasty mollusk. But you can't harvest them here in SWFL. Yet.


Watson's Place


The DoFloridaRight motley crew headed out of Everglades City and into the Everglades National Park to find the former homestead of Ed Watson, a man shot to death by 20 god-fearing neighbors because of his alleged bloody past.


Shark Tagging with a Marine Biologist


This one of a kind experience is not for the faint of heart. If you want to experience the real Florida, and I mean the REAL Florida, strap on your head lamp, put on your mosquito netting, and take a trip with shark biologist Pat O'Donnell to go capture and tag sharks in the heart of Florida's famous 10,000 Islands. You'll be helping Pat monitor shark populations in the local area while experiencing what Florida was like before the modern era of pesticides, bug spray, and gated communities.

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