Featuring the best trails and boardwalks in Southwest Florida for biking or hiking pleasure. 


Bonita Nature Place Trail


Nestled in the far eastern corner of Bonita Springs, down a road most people will never have a reason to drive by—even if they live in Bonita Springs, lay an other-worldly marvel that looks like it has no place 2 miles away from the heart of downtown Bonita. The newly established trail, Cullum's Trail (named for their biggest advocate) at the Bonita Nature Place looks ancient, if not prehistoric.


CREW Bird Rookery Swamp Trail

There's something about a cypress swamp that makes Florida feel a whole lot cooler in every sense of the word. Whether your hiking, biking, or taking your dog for a walk, the cool air of the Bird Rookery Swamp provides an oasis in Florida's hot climate with a wide open window into the real Florida.


Caracara Prairie Preserve

The new Caracara Prairie Preserve is part of Conservation Collier lands and sits adjacent to the CREW Cypress Dome Trails.  Depression Marshes, an important feeding ground for wading birds are scattered among the mesic pine flatwoods and cypress stands.  Some common residents of the area are the crested caracara, sandhill cranes, and gopher tortoises which you may pass by as you journey through various habitats and restored ranch land.  


CREW Cypress Dome Trails

The Cypress Dome Trails contains 6.5 miles of trails through scrubby flatwoods, mixed oak and pine forest, between two cypress domes, and into seasonally wet popash sloughs. CREW is well known for its wildflowers which can be found in spring and even throughout the year.


CREW Marsh Trails

The CREW Marsh Trails hold five miles of interconnected loops that lead you through open pine flatwoods, into pop ash sloughs, sawgrass marshes and under shady oak hammocks. There are two boardwalks to help keep your feet dry and an observation tower so you can get a bird's eye view of the 5,000-acre Corkscrew marsh.


Six-Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

Interpretive Center, 1.2 mile boardwalk, and guided tours through this conveniently located Cypress Slough!  


Audubon's Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Morning mist hugs the flooded forest floor as the sun’s soft glow incites the sounds of a new day.  As the blanket begins to lift among the rustling wrens, browsing deer, and a distant woodpecker, the shadows of ancient bald cypress trees stretch over an expanse of wet prairie.  Be sure to walk softly as your footsteps may be the only alien sound in an otherwise serene and secluded landscape.

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