Load up the bike! A nice relaxing bike ride is just what the doctor ordered. 


Bonita Beach Bike Ride

Upon crossing the barely noticeable bridge on to Little Hickory Island, you'll immediately sense that you've entered a different world. From Bonita Beach Rd, head west until you see the Gulf of Mexico and the iconic Doc's Beach House and you're there.

From there, go south into Barefoot Beach to see some of the most stunning beachfront houses you're likely to find anywhere. Continuing south along Barefoot Beach Blvd, the houses end and several parking areas with beach access emerge. These beaches are some of the most secluded beaches in the area--and some of my favorite. The shelling is excellent, and if you are willing to make the mile long walk (or ride) down to Wiggins Pass, there's excellent fishing to be had, particularly on outgoing tides.

Starting from Doc's Beach House and going north leads you along Hickory Blvd which features more awe-inspiring homes, overhanging coconut palms, and several beach access points to stop and take in the view. Hickory Blvd splits off to the right after 2 miles and continues north to Lover's Key and Ft. Myers Beach (which is an amazing drive), but there is a turnaround and the end of the dead-end to the left which takes you directly to Little Hickory Pass, a very scenic area with a jetty that is a popular fishing spot. 

Both rides are about 5 miles round trip; a little too long for most people to walk, but not far enough to want to drive the whole thing. That makes bicycles the perfect vehicle for exploring this area. Bring your own bike or arrange a bike rental with us, and we'll drop them off when you're ready and pick them up when you're done, leaving you free to enjoy the scenery, the salty sea air, and whatever company you choose. 


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