These trails were made for driving, and that's just what you'll do. If you follow our directions. 


Jane's Scenic Drive

Resulting from the lack of a proper time machine, we must find alternative measures to find ourselves a little slice of what old Florida used to look like.  Now, you may think that the only way to achieve a glimpse into ‘old Florida’ is to hike miles and miles into the unknown wilderness, battling bugs, heat, large reptiles, and endless water.  For those of you who may be a bit wary of Florida’s mysterious backcountry, but still long to take a look into the past, our team at Do Florida Right have found the solution for you!

For an unlimited time, we can provide you with a one-of-a-kind personal vehicle- time machine conversion kit!  All you’ll need are the following:

-          Directions to Jane’s Scenic Drive (see map)


Jane’s Scenic Drive is located in southern Collier County off of SR 29, just north of US-41.  Even though it’s just a road, Jane’s Scenic Drive provides an avenue into a Florida that is seen by few.  Transecting the Fakahatchee Strand, you’ll drive through the center of a Cypress Slough.  You’ll likely encounter a sunning alligator, an array of wading birds, a stretched out snake, and maybe even a family of awkward turkeys.  You car is converted to a time machine as you drive into ancient Florida.

As you pull in, look on your left at the entrance to the old church.  I’ve heard stories about this church being used as a storage place for drug transitions back in the drug running days of Everglades City. The road turns to dirt just before you enter the Fakahatchee Strand.  In the winter, the road is always groomed and relatively passable by most cars with a little strategic maneuvering.  When summer rolls around, you may want to bring you truck (or your buddy’s truck) as the road gets worn from the daily rains, and the grooming has less of an effect.  If you managed to trick your budding into lending you his truck, you might even be able to take it straight on through to the Picayune Stand State Forest.  These roads are rough to say the least, and in the summer they are often so flooded that they are impassible.  If the time is right, and you’ve got your truck/time machine, take Jane’s Scenic Drive through to Stewart Blvd.  Take Stewart straight through the heart of the Picayune, one of the largest environmental restoration projects of all time and hang a right on Miller Rd.  You’re sure to encounter plenty of wading birds, possibly some large mammals, and maybe even some sunning snakes.  Take Miller to the end and hang a right until you hit Everglades Blvd., which will take you right back into Naples. 

It is quite the adventure, and there are few who can say that they traveled the entire route.  Take a trip back in time and check out Jane’s Scenic Drive.  Well worth the journey, and one hell of a time.  Definitely one of my favorite spots in Southwest Florida.

A Tip from the Ryan’s:  Pull off at one of the hiking trails on the sides of the road.  Jane’s Scenic is transected by old logging tram roads that provide great biking paths.  Also along the road is a section of the National Florida Scenic Trail, a trail that cuts through the center of the state.  DO FLORIDA RIGHT and journey even deeper off the beaten path into the ancient cypress swamps of old Florida.


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