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Naples Pier

Typically touristy attractions don't generally make our list, but the Naples Pier is such an iconic Naples landmark it'd be impossible to ignore. The pier is located on 12th Ave South in Naples and offers paid and free parking options. 

The Naples Pier, located south of 5th Ave South in Naples, is one of the more popular beaches for tourists and locals alike anywhere along the stretch of beaches from Marco Island to Sanibel. A fantastic diversity of people flock here daily, and you're sure to encounter more than a few languages being spoken amongst the beach-goers and pier-walkers.

To get there, Take US 41 south until it curves off to the east. When it does, stay in the right turn lane for 5th Ave S. Take 5th Ave S all the way to Gulf Shore Blvd, and make a left. The Pier will be to your right a few blocks up on 12th Ave. South. There is a paid lot to the East of Gulf Shore Blvd which will quickly swallow every quarter you had in your coin holder to the tune of 6 quarters, or $1.50 per hour. However, these machines also take credit card which gives a more convenient option. If you are willing to walk a little, free parking can be found in the streets farther to the east. 

The beach itself is very clean and nice. However, it's not the beach or the pier that draws me to the area--it's the world class people watching. Walking the pier or sitting next to it and watching the droves of tourists walk by is a great way to pass the time on a lazy summer morning.

A Tip from the Ryans: To add a touch of adventure to the approach, bring a pair of paddleboards or a kayak. The pier provides a pleasant bit of structure in an otherwise relatively featureless coastline. Exercise caution around the pier, however. There are usually quite a few self proclaimed "pier rats" casting lines in every direction within 100 ft. of the pier, so keep your distance. 

Want to see how we did the Naples Pier right? Check out our blog post to see how we did it. 

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